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Car Sales Walk-Around: A Guide for Success

DIno Peluso teaching a Pro Walk-Around

The Importance of a Professional Car Sales Walk-Around

Performing a professional car sales walk-around is crucial in the car-selling process. I would say it’s probably 60% of the battle with the stranger you just met a few minutes ago. However, this step often gets neglected. A full walk-around educates the buyer and creates excitement about the features and benefits of the vehicle they've chosen. While they may already know they want or need a new car, it’s your role to reinforce their decision and ignite their excitement to own it.

Prepare for the Walk-Around: By now, you should know what kind of vehicle they are looking to buy. Don’t bring the customer to the vehicle unless they are already standing next to it on the lot. Ask your customers to wait at your desk while you find the vehicle for them. Let them see you running around getting the keys, a tag, bringing them water, making copies of their driver’s license and insurance, and getting trade keys to the manager. This shows that you are working for them, and they appreciate it. Remember, they already have their guard up and are looking for a reason to just get a price and go.

Compliment Their Choice: During the walk-around, praise their choice and mention any awards the vehicle has received. For example, “Great choice! The [Model] has been awarded the best-selling sedan for five years in a row” or “The [Model] is a top ten pick by Kelly Blue Book.” This reassures them that they made a good choice.

Maintain Control: Keep the keys in your pocket to maintain control and keep them from jumping ahead. Invite the customer to come over so you can show them a few things about the vehicle.

Dino Peluso teaching class on pro walk arounds playbook for success
Dino Peluso teaching class on pro walk arounds playbook for success

Ask for Affirmation: During the walk-around, ask yes or no questions about the features and benefits you mention. The more they say "yes," the more likely they are to buy. For example, “I’m sure you can appreciate that feature, right?” or “Higher gas mileage is important to you, isn’t it?” Refer to your Playbook for Success for more examples and guidelines.

Modify Your Presentation: Customize your walk-around based on the buyer’s interests. If you're showing a car to grandparents, mention safety features like front-end collision crumple zones and anti-lock brakes. If it's a first-time buyer, emphasize power, reliability, and styling. Keep the pace of your presentation based on their interest level.

Highlight Key Features: Move around the car, pointing out important features. At the hood, mention items like engine performance or safety features. At the back, show the trunk or hatch space, and any unique features like a backup camera or trailer hitch.

Engage the Customer: Involve the customer by asking them to check out the back seat or admire the car's lines and styling. Point out features like body side moldings and alloy wheels.

Interior Features: Save the interior features for last, incorporating them into the test drive. This makes it easier to cover everything while you're inside the car.

Be Enthusiastic: Show enthusiasm during your walk-around. Your excitement can be contagious and make the customer more eager to buy. Make your presentation informative, interesting, and fun, and keep it moving.

By using these tips and the Playbook for Success Sales Workshops and Gameplans, you can enhance your car sales walk-around and boost your sales. The workshops and game plans provide structured training and strategies to help you perform better and achieve more sales success.

Remember, a great walk-around sells more cars and earns you more commission. Be enthusiastic, informative, and tailored to your customer’s needs for the best results.

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