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Join our life-changing Weekend for Success team for a weekend dedicated to self-leadership. Discover your power and unlock it to become the leader you've always wanted to be. Let us help you break through the barriers that stand between you and success.

Work, success, family, and fun are all vital to your health and inner peace, so let us help you find balance. Achieving a healthy equilibrium requires defining your life and setting priorities. We built the Weekend for Success from the ground up utilizing accelerated learning techniques that maximize learning retention. This overnight camping weekend helps you find what really works for you.

Your weekend starts with changes you want to make to be the leader you always wanted to be. 

We can't disclose everything here so we encourage you to get with your weekend sponsor for more information and details. However, we can guarantee you from experience that 100% of participants discover more than one profound life-altering encounter.

The Weekend for Success starts Saturday night with a meet and greet with other weekend participants, sponsors, and coaches. We supply everything you need for the weekend, including lodging, food, drinks, and many other amenities. Your weekend also includes some physical activities like tug-of-war and football. 

We guarantee you will have a profound, life-altering encounter and will not see the world the same when you leave Monday after graduation.


No alcohol or anything mind-altering allowed... Period! The team leaders will escort you out of the weekend if you do not adhere to this simple standard. 

Please visit with your weekend sponsor to go over the application and weekend standards. 

Contact us for more details. We welcome all walks of life, ages, and social, political, and religious backgrounds.


Jennifer Miller 

Weekend Director 

Please note that this weekend is NOT a retreat!


Click here to register for the next Weekend for Success Event. 


Click here to register for the next Weekend for Success Event. Get the password from your sponsor. 

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