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About Tom Stokes
Updated: 08/02/2023

Tom, originally hailing from New Jersey and nurtured in the vibrant city of New Orleans, currently calls a farm in the Dallas area home. His family is a lively mix of four children, spanning from 36 to 14 years old. His oldest Son, Matt is a Electrican in New Orleans,  Victoria, his eldest daughter, holds a degree as an RN BSN from LSU Medical and has advanced to become an NP. Brennan, the youngest son, showcases his skills on the football field as a quarterback, while Parker, the youngest daughter, is fueled by her passion for track and soccer. In addition, Tom proudly embraces his role as a grandfather to Zoe and three other grandchidren. All reside in and around New Orleans.  Celebrating 33 years of sobriety, Tom actively participates in the Friends of Bill W. community and is deeply engaged in charitable endeavors.

As a devout Roman Catholic, Tom discovers immense joy in various pursuits, including photography, camping, playing guitars, reveling in fast cars, and, most significantly, indulging in the vibrant rhythms of rock 'n' roll music.

In his capacity at MOVINGIRON, Tom takes the helm of sales and marketing, spearheading the expansion of advertising revenue with teams strategically placed in Dallas, Fort Worth, OKC, Chicago, and New Orleans. He also directs the communication team, concentrating on business-to-business strategies and ensuring that client brand experiences are finely tuned for optimal return on investment.


Tom is a fervent supporter of strategic alliances, recognizing their potency in delivering unified messages and empowering clients to maximize their investments across diverse channels, including Sports+PLUS. His distinctive software, developed in collaboration with Ayoka, a software technology company in Dallas TX, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor.

Tom Stokes Closing Car Deal

Tom Stokes Closing Car Deal

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The customer was leaving and Tom caught them about to walk out the door without buying a vehilce. Yes, he closed them and got FREE tacos for Saturday. 

Car Business Accomplishments:

With 29 years of experience in the car industry, Tom has excelled in various roles, starting from used car sales and rising to become a finance director at a prominent Toyota store in Baton Rouge, LA. As the founder of Movingiron, he has broken sales event records at multiple dealerships, including a million-dollar 4-day sale at Trophy Nissan and selling 175 units in 4 days at Prestige Ford. Tom started The BIG Tent Event in 1998 and toured the country selling used cars for some of the biggest dealers in the nation 

Tom has worked with renowned auto groups such as Potamkin, Roundtree, Bohn Brothers, Van Tuyl, Asbury, Sonic, Sam Pack Five Star and more. His expertise spans data compiling, marketing, advertising, social media, and TV/Movie production. With an extensive track record of over 1,500 automotive campaigns across 42 states and three countries, Tom and his core team of experts have consistently delivered outstanding sales and service results for over 25 years.

As a versatile professional, Tom has firsthand experience in every dealership position, including sales. He has opened up markets in the mid 90's for Hibernia National Bank, contributed to numerous automotive websites and forums, and pioneered innovative technologies in 2004 like the automatic vehicle inventory posting system, Inventory Blaster.

Tom's accomplishments extend to training top car dealers, speaking at conventions, and developing groundbreaking systems like the Artificial Response Technology System (V.I.C.) using A.I. in 2005, which automated client follow-ups. He is also the founder of Radar Beacon, a traffic control and positioning software, a platform for product promotion through Facebook.

With a focus on empowering the automotive industry, Tom has created successful ventures like, Playbook for Success, and His dedication to community involvement is evident through partnerships with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

In 2019, Tom collaborated with industry professionals in the automotive sector to establish Dealer Group of America, a venture focused on acquiring dealerships.

In his latest project,, Tom continues to innovate in the auto industry.  

Charity Involvement:​

In addition to his professional pursuits, Tom is deeply committed to philanthropy. One cause that resonates profoundly with him is the Waldo Burton Boys Home in his hometown of New Orleans, LA, where he spent his formative years. Tom actively champions this orphanage and engages in support for various noteworthy charitable causes annually, leaving a positive imprint on the lives of those facing adversity. Tom has raised awareness and funds for;

Make-A-Wish The Wish a Thon with Drew Pearson 

Wounded Warriors Project

Purple Heart Riders 

Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities   Tom Produced the Red Carpet for Pat and Emmitt for five years 

Weishar Foundation   Tom produced the Chicago Event with Eddie Money 

Living for Zachary

Texas Toy Run

25 Days of Giving with Drew Pearson

Music For Relief

Toys for Tots - USMC

Skylar Neil Foundation with Vince Neil 

Waldo Burton Boys Home


Serenity Veterans Village - Ellis County - Texas 


Tom preparing the team for battle - Planet Ford 2016 

Tom during the Rockin The Red Capet Tours with Motley Crue and KISS 

Filming TV show at a Dodge dealer in Dallas with Drew Pearson


2015 getting the playmaker award with Jerry Jones 


Playbook for Success 2024 Edition 

Before TrueCar there was True Invoice by Tom Stokes 

Tom and Jermey hit Red Carpet for The Goods movie where Jeremy Piven portrayed Tom in the movie. 


Tom and Gina Kickoff Dallas Cowboys football season with other cheerleaders 


Tom Stokes and Eddie Money after a show 


Tom and dear friend, Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson 

TV, Film, and Music Ventures:

Establishing LOUD Media in 2006, Tom seamlessly blends his automotive expertise with the entertainment realm. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, LOUD Entertainment represents a stellar roster of A-listers and emerging talents in movies, television, music, and sports. Tom has collaborated with renowned personalities such as Kid Rock, Gene Simmons of KISS, Jeremy Piven, Chazz Palminteri, Warrant, Eddie Money, Post Malone, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, and more.


Jermy Piven and Tom Stokes on the red carpet for The Goods 

Tom's portfolio includes dealership infomercials, and the movie "The Goods" drew inspiration from his real life on the road as a used car salesman. He co-created and produced "WAR of ROCK TV" with Dana Strum, and Mark Slaughter of the rock band SLAUGHTER. Further accomplishments include the creation and production of "The Drew Pearson Show" on FOX Sports and "Sports Plus" in Dallas and Chicago. Tom is actively engaged in producing diverse music-related events and festivals.

Music Industry Impact:

Tom established and managed websites like and Serving as the executive producer of WeishFest in 2015,


Tom also founded LOUD Records, signing artists such as Ashes of Eagles and Atomic Shift. Collaborating with Randy Jackson of Zebra, he contributed to music production with Ashes of Eagles. Additionally, Tom has played a pivotal role in promoting music events like BIG 80's FEST (now America Rocks Fest) and supporting artists such as Vince Neil of Motley Crue during their tours.

Broadway Productions:

In his role as an executive producer, Tom played a crucial part in bringing the A Bronx Tale One Man Show with Chazz Palminteri to the Dallas stage.

Apparel Industry Ventures:

Tom is a co-founder of Legends Sports Wear, engaging in collaborations with several NFL legends in the dynamic world of apparel.


Tom and good friend Zakk Wylde during the Ozzy days 


The Goods movie Poster 


Photo Shoot for Motley Crue Tour

Tom and a very young Post Malone at his first concert


Tom Stokes - Playbook for Success 2024. 


Tom Stokes on tour with Vince Neil of Motley Crue 2008 - 2015 


Tom Stokes on tour with Vince Neil of Motley Crue and KISS  

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