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Playbook for Success "The Ultimate Workshop to Self Leadership"  is a new and exciting program for sales, management, recruitment, training, and motivating your staff mixing Old-school Philosophy with New Age Technology.

Playbook for Success provides resources and tools for individuals in the automotive industry that’s looking to improve their personal and professional lives. We coach a wide range of LIVE training, including how to sell, have fun, and make money in the car business on a pro level. 

We also have cutting-edge leadership coaching workshops that focus on team management coupled with standards from the pros of the NFL featuring The Original 88, Hall of Famer, Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson as a primary speaker to kick off your new game plan.

This program is scripted, tested, proven, and customized to your dealership needs in cooperation with your team, where new team standards are applied, incorporating your current advertising and our new innovative coaching techniques.

We will show your team how to stretch beyond what they think they can do.

Sign up for Playbook for Success, Ultimate Workshop for Self Leadership Today!

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