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"Revolutionizing the Auto Sales Game: What Will Training Look Like in 2024?"

There is a noticeable surge in demand for dedicated sales training, and we offer the ideal solution. While your sales managers possess the ability to train the sales staff, what if they're overwhelmed with their current workload, hindering their effectiveness? Moreover, is your sales staff experiencing a withdrawal from the COVID era? Selling a car $5k over sticker was effortless a year ago, but now that the industry is returning to normalcy, many inadequate sales teams are being revealed.

Take your skills to the next level with Playbook for Success! Our program offers a unique blend of old-school philosophy and new age technology to help you achieve personal and professional growth. Learn how to sell, have fun, and make money like a pro in the automotive industry with our training sessions. Our cutting-edge leadership coaching workshops, featuring NFL Hall of Famer Drew Pearson, will equip you with the tools you need to effectively manage your team. Don't miss out on the ultimate workshop to self-leadership - sign up now!


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